SBS reveals MC’s for SBS Entertainment Awards + plans for a “healing awards night”

SBS has not only revealed the highly anticipated MC lineup for their annual SBS Entertainment Awards ceremony to be comedian Lee Kyung Gyu,  actress Sung Yuri and announcer Bae Sung Jae, but has also expressed their intentions to centre the awards night around the theme of healing.

The PD for “SBS Entertainment Awards” Shim Sung Min announced during a media conference held on December 19th at the Coex Mall in Samsung-dong, Seoul that “The three MC’s for the upcoming Entertainment Awards have been chosen as Lee Kyung Gyu, Sung Yuri and SBS announcer Bae Sung Jae.” 

He then went on to explain, “The past year has been clouded by many unfortunate events. And so, we plan on incorporating sympathy, encouragement and gratitude into the event. We hope to do this by creating a family-like atmosphere, with the presence of the entertainers who have worked hard for the to bring happiness and comfort to the nation which has suffered greatly this past year. Awards are important, but even more so than that is comfort and gratitude.”

The misfortunes that the PD referred to have indeed greatly dampened what was otherwise another successful year for South Korea. However, the tragedies that have occurred, such as the Sewol ferry incident, Ladies Code’s car crash and the accident during 4minute’s concert, have left what initially seemed like an impact that could not possibly be compensated for, in any way, shape or form. It is true that these misfortunes have lead to a slump in all industries and businesses in the nation, and it is also true that many have speculated whether or not the nation would be able to properly recover from such unforeseen tragedies.

However, rather than pulling the people down, the people held each other’s hands tighter then ever and pulled each other out of the slump that many predicted would be the end of South Korea as we know it. Most of all, the entertainers of the nation deserve thanks and praise for their hard work and effort to assist in bringing a smile back on viewer’s faces during times of trouble and despair, and we wish everyone all the best for the 2014 SBS Entertainment Awards, airing on December 30th at 8.55pm KST.

Source: E Today