Scooter Braun shares contract signing with 2NE1 CL on Instagram

It’s go time“! Or at least that’s what American talent manager Scooter Braun said in his latest SNS update on November 11th, revealing a photo of both himself and 2NE1‘s CL.With papers spread out everywhere, it seems that Scooter Braun and CL have officially completed the formal agreement portion of their partnership.

Giving a thumbs up, or perhaps even just pointing towards CL, the popular talent manager smiles happily at the camera, while Korea’s baddest female rapper looks chic in her big black sunglasses adorning her face, wearing a simple sky blue jacket.

2NE1’s CL is preparing to make her solo debut in the U.S next year, with plans of a single to be released prior to her full album.

It’s go time @chaelincl 🙂 #official #baddestfemaleofasia #worldwide #musiciscrazy!

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