This Screenshot of MONSTA X’s Shownu Drinking Orange Juice Has Fans Confused

Is it really orange juice?

For MONSTA X-RAYS 2, the boys of MONSTA X made their own parody drama. One of Shownu‘s scenes was to drink orange juice, only for it to spill out of his mouth when his jaw drops in shock. Many fans, however, are torn if what they are seeing is actually orange juice or just an orange colored spoon.

Many people were convinced that it was a spoon hanging out of his mouth! Can’t blame them, the way the juice spilled out of his mouth is very reminiscent of a shape of a spoon.

If we continue to watch the clip, however, we can clearly see that it is orange juice. Still, people are convinced it’s a spoon and are shocked to find out that it was orange juice along. Some mentioned how much Shownu reminds them of a Sims character, especially now with how perfectly shaped the orange juice was when it spilled.

Source: Instiz