Se7en’s high note in “Elisabeth” musical teaser will blow your mind

The first video teaser for Se7en‘s upcoming role in the musical Elisabeth has been shared, unveiling what the producer and staff had to say on the singer’s’ attitude towards his role.

Director Robert Johansson was heard praising Se7en for his sense of appeal, enabling him to connect with the females in the audience, further adding that the singer is well-aware of his body movements, something that adds to the stage even further.

Viewers and fans are given a peek into Se7en’s singing for the upcoming musical, and will blow your mind with the high notes he is able to reach. Not only the high note, but the passion behind his voice will blow you away.

Despite over two years away from his career due to being in the military, Se7en’s passion for singing continues to grow hot like fire. Meanwhile, he will be managing his own career under a one-man agency after his leave from YG Entertainment.

The first stage he will take will occur on June 13th at Blue Square in Samsung Electronics Hall.