SECRET Han Sunhwa’s new slimmer figure is alarming?

Girl group SECRET recently took the stage together for a performance at the Legion of Heroes Concert, performing a series of their past hit songs including “MOVE,” “I’m In Love,” and more on December 5th.

Though it is SECRET’s occasional performances together as they are all currently following individual activities as opposed to group activities, fans who have watched the latest fancam has noticed a drastic change in Sunhwa‘s body shape.

As a whole, SECRET is usually known as one of the more well-rounded idols when it comes to their body types, however, since their last promotions for their mini-album SECRET SUMMER (August 2014), member Sunhwa is shown to have drastically lost weight and when compared to and standing next to her other group members, seem especially frail.

A netizen posted on Pann writing, “Her beauty and figure compeltely changed….I didn’t even recognize her. She got so much more beautiful as she aged and she must have worked out really hard..”. 



Source: Pann