SECRET’s Ji Eun shows her sexy and wild side in “Esquire Korea”

SECRET’s Ji Eun posed in a sexy black dress in her photo shoot for Esquire magazine, showcasing her gorgeous looks and exposed back in their October shoot. 

Ji Eun shows off her figure in a black low cut back dress for Esquire magazine. The black dress lined in sequins shows off Ji Eun’s feminine curves in her latest pictorial, with her back facing the camera as she glances towards it with her signature look. Ji Eun enhanced her features with dark smokey eye makeup that matches the dress and really brings out  a unique look.

Ji Eun recently made a solo comeback in September with 25 after completing group activities with her members for “I’m In Love”. She charted #6 on the albums chart, with her two singles “Pretty Age 25” hitting #8 and “Don’t Look At Me Like That” reaching #27 on the Gaon Charts.


Source: Esquire