SECRET’s Song Ji Eun releases MV for OST “Person Who I Miss”

SECRET‘s Song Ji Eun released the music video for the OST “Person Who I Miss” on March 6th for MBC’s Shine or Go Crazy

The vocalist beautifully portray’s the romantic story line in the historical drama, Shine or Go Crazy, as she sang, “The person who I miss now, the person who will hold my hand, the person who makes my heart flutter a thousand times; only one person, it’s you.

Song Ji Eun shines the romantic lyrics on the relationship between the characters Wang So and Shin Yool. The music video reveals how the two caught each other’s eyes and how their romantic relationship has grown since they met.

Shine or Go Crazy aired its first episode on January 19th and features Jang Hyuk, Oh Yeon Seo, Lee Ha Nui, Lim Ju Hwan, Lee Deok Hwa, and more. The historical drama is set to release 24 episodes while the last episode is schedule to air on April 7th.