[★VIDEO] SHINee’s Key gets real in his teaser for his “Key’s Knowhow”

After announcing that SHINee‘s Key will be featured in his own reality show, Key’s Knowhow, Mnet released the full-length teaser for the upcoming reality show on June 24th. 

The teaser for Key’s upcoming reality show gave fans an inside look on how he lives his day-to-day life; he was seen using facial mask, cooking, picking his fashionable outfit of the day, and more. Key not only allowed fans to get an inside look of his life, but the teaser showcased his charming personality.

Key’s Knowhow will air its first episode on July 1st on Mnet where it will showcase Key’s lifestyle and daily routines. As of now, the show will be a four part series, however, it is unknown if the series will only include four episodes or incorporate more than four episodes.

Meanwhile, SHINee made a comeback with the music video for “View” on May 18th.