Seo In Guk shares a new photo for “The King’s Face”

Seo In Guk has shared a verification shot for his new KBS drama, The King’s Face, set to air for the first time on November 19th!

On November 18th, Seo In Guk posted a new photo onto his official Twitter account where he is seen wearing a traditional South Korean outfit made for a prince while holding up a handmade promotional poster for his new drama, The King’s Face.

Along with the photo in the tweet reads a short message, “D-1!! #SeoInGuk’s reclaim is finally being revealed! Tune into KBS2 every Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10pm #TheKingsFace ๐Ÿ˜€

The small white poster held by Seo In Guk within the photo reads, “KBS2 TV The King’s Face on Wednesdays and Thursdays nights at 10pm. Let the whole world know! Tune in weekly.

Many netizens and fans began commenting on the photo, saying, “So cute, I’m going to die,” “I’ll tune in live, my prince! Love you,” and, “He is so witty coming up with these kinds of ideas and photos.”

Others left comments asking for the star to take care of his health and conditions during the filming of the drama, “Please don’t get hurt like last time,” or “Be careful! Don’t be so careless!” referring to the injuries Seo In Guk sustained twice during the past few weeks while filming for The King’s Face.

Source: Top Star News