Seo Taiji releases band version of “” MV

Legendary idol before all idols Seo Taiji has finally released the band version music video for his much anticipated title track “” on October 15.

The song goes along the style of a gothic house track, which has been expressed clearly through the “not-so fairy tale” theme of the music video. Describing the video as “creepy” is a bit of understatement, as we watch Seo Taiji and his band mates, decked in ominously dark colours, clearly having the times of their lives while staring at the camera with intense gazes and rocking out to the beat.

The song itself, however, has been described as a “fairytale that Seo Taiji has written for adults”, that seems to be presented through the perspective of a hybrid between Santa Claus, from the jingle bells in the start and end of the video, and  Jack Skellington from “The Night Before Christmas”. The significance of this combination can be interpreted from his declaration that we are all slaves “from the cradle to the grave”; a story which all parents can pass onto their children, warning them of a world that is not necessarily always beautiful and fair.

Seo Taiji’s latest masterpiece, following the releases of his collaboration track with IU earlier this week, has proven that he is truly the master of K-Pop, through the maintenance of his iconic style of music and deeply meaningful lyrics that really get his audience to listen beyond the fun beats and think about his message.

Check out his music video if you haven’t done so already.