Seo Taiji releases cinematic version of “” MV

Following the release of his band version of “” music video a few short days ago, legendary singer Seo Taiji has unveiled the intense, Halloween-Christmas themed cinematic edition video of the title track.

Released on October 20th, Seo Taiji’s cinematic video spans a little over nine minutes long, and follows a young girl as she treks through the eerie Christmas-themed town. She finds herself in trouble, revealing the awful truth about Santa Claus, who is actually using young children like herself to complete his Christmas run.

The music video explains Seo Taiji’s visual explanation of “what is good and evil”, revealing the world’s truth through a conspiracy illustrating Santa Claus’ false promise of “from the cradle to the grave”.

Directed by Hong Gi Wong, known for his work Zanybro, this cinematic video for “” is one to watch!

Meanwhile, Seo Taiji will be releasing his 9th album Quiet Night on October 20th, which will include both his pre-released tracks, “Sokyeokdong” and “”.