Seo Taiji remembers cousin Shin Hae Chul on “Sketchbook”

Seo Taiji, one Korea’s most influential musicians, talked about his fellow musician and cousin, Shin Hae Chul on Sketchbook.

On October 31st’s episode of Sketchbook,  Seo Taiji appeared on the stage to perform and participate in a live interview.

On the show, he talked about himself and his new album, stating:

“I feel really satisfied that I have a family and a stable life now. While working on my new album, I thought to myself that I want to compose music that I can present to my family.”

He also stated that the new album features songs that his mother can finally sing along to since the release of his earlier song, Ultra Mania.

Along with the conversation, Seo Taiji also talked about his fellow rocker and cousin Shin Hae Chul, who tragically passed away just a few days ago. He thanked everyone who grieved and remembered his cousin, stating that “Since my debut, I was always inspired by Shin Hae Chul’s music, especially the lyrics. Since then I always aspired to write like him,” showing grievance and longing for his cousin.

This episode of Seo Taiji was a very special episode due to the fact that he never made any public appearances other than in concerts or news. What do you think of Seo Taiji’s appearance?

Source: Daily Sports