Seo Taiji reveals Kang Junhyung’s solo version of “”

To follow up with the multiple versions of Seo Taiji‘s music video “,” Kang Junhyung‘s solo version of the  music video has been released, after a month of waiting.

After releasing both the cinematic and band version of the song “,” Seo Taiji finally updates fans with the newest version of the video, featuring a solo performance by guitarist Kang Junhyung. Released back in October, “” earned a great amount of support with an all kill status from placing #1 on multiple music websites.

Still following along with the gothic theme in the music video, the camera focuses on Junhyung’s guitar skills throughout the entire video. With his wood patterned guitar, Junhyung jams to the beat of the song and bobs his head back and forth, creating a dramatic effect to his music.

Check out the video below!