Seo In Young is “Thinking Of You” in comeback MV

After announcing her comeback earlier in October, teasing fans with many juicy video and image teasers, and a slight delay in the release of her song, female soloist Seo In Young has finally made a grand return with her new music video “Thinking Of You” featuring Zion.T“Thinking Of You,” which was originally supposed to be released on October 15th, was delayed until October 17th, so that further mastering of the track could take place. The extra wait for Seo Inyoung’s track only raised anticipation for it, and her song did not disappoint.

Seo In Young’s new song has a groovy, R&B beat that makes it easy-listening and pleasing to the ears. Zion.T’s smooth rapping compliments the singer’s sweet, high voice, creating a blended melody that fits right into the catchy beat.

The female soloist known for her stylish fashion sense has captured her unique style and combined it with her music in her music video. She pairs her many trendy outfits with bright, bold makeup that reflect her outgoing personality, while Zion T dresses in simple, hip clothes.

Check out the video below! What do you think of the track?