Seulgi and Joy show their sister-like love to Yeri as she cries from Red Velvet’s 1st “Dumb Dumb” win

Rookie girl group Red Velvet takes their very first trophy for their title track “Dumb Dumb”!

SBS MTV’s The Show aired on September 15th with Red Velvet, MONSTA X, Big Star, SEVENTEEN, and April as the Top 5 artists. Winning with 7,498 points, Red Velvet wins their very first #1 trophy for title track “Dumb Dumb”! SEVENTEEN trails a very close second with 7,466 points for their song “Mansae.”

All of the members of Red Velvet looked absolutely ecstatic for winning this week as they were all near tears.

Wendy said, “Thank you to our SM family who helped us get here. To all of our sunbaenims, thank you. Fans, we love you so much. To our family members, we love you too.”

Maknae Yeri‘s tears finally came down as the MCs bid viewers goodbye, receiving a stroke on the back of comfort from T-ARA‘s Jiyeon as she exited the stage and was then embraced by members Seulgi and Joy during their encore stage.

Source: X Sports News