Seungji releases a short but sweet MV for “A Day That Swallowed Time and Day”

On November 12th, Seungji released a cute but short music video that warms the heart for “A Day That Swallowed Time and Day.”

With the cold weather coming our way, this instrumental music video is the perfect music to play while warming up.

Chirping birds open up the video as a mysterious girl is seen walking on a path in a park.
The sounds of nature are then replaced by noises of a city, a the melodic strumming of a guitar.

The cute teddy bears throughout the video represent the journey of the cute couple on their lovely afternoon coffee shop date.
The couple in video even show skinship, revealing their closeness to each other as they walk together.
By taking a moment to look at the lusciously green scenery as they put their heads close together, this shows show cute and comfortable this couple is.

The two appear to be having a wonderful time as the sun sets and Lee Seungji bids his date (Lee Hoyeon) farewell.
It seems as though the series of cute scenes of the two lovebirds in this video could have been taken from a K-Drama!

Although he is a relatively unknown artist, Seungji is sure to win over the hearts of women with his lovely portrayal of an afternoon date.

What do you think of the sweet video?