SEVENTEEN celebrates 2 million views on “Adore U” with a teaser

Pledis Entertainment’s newest rookie group is making waves reaching 2 million views on their music video a month just after their official debut. 

SEVENTEEN previously released a “part switch” dance version of their debut song “Adore U,” with SEVENTEEN’s PD, Doogie PD, promising an extended look at their day at the beach after reaching two million views for the “Adore U” MV.

Now that SEVENTEEN has reached this milestone, Doogie PD released a three-second teaser for the upcoming SEVENTEEN episode saying, “Whoa! It’s great news that we reached two million views faster than expected! I have realized that SEVENTEEN has captured the hearts of many. The video of SEVENTEEN’s day in Busan will be released on July 10th, at 22:10 KST #10th_10 o’clock_10 minutes_short teaser.

With his post, the PD included a three-second teaser that featured Hoshi, Joshua, and Jeonghan walking toward the waves with DK joining them as they run in. Fans are highly anticipating a new exciting look at the rookie group’s day at the beach with the video that will be released next week on the July 10th.

Congratulations to SEVENTEEN on reaching the milestone!

[Doogi PD] 예상보다 훠얼씬 빠른 200만 돌파소식! 많은 분들의 관심을 실감하는 세븐틴과 두기피디입니다! 세븐틴의 부산방문 비하인드 영상은 7월 10일 오후 10시 10분에 공개됩니다!#10일_10시_10분 #몰래_살짝_맛보기

Posted by SEVENTEEN on Sunday, July 5, 2015