SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Will Always Be Woozi’s Guardian Angel Watching Out For Him

Hoshi got Woozi’s back like a real bro.

In a recent episode of Idol Room, SEVENTEEN had to pass around a balloon bomb while doing their choreography to “Fear”. While all the members who got their hands on the ticking balloon were busy moving it on to someone else, Hoshi was set on taking it off Woozi‘s hands.


The balloon started off in Wonwoo‘s hands. He gracefully passed it on to Mingyu


… who held on to it briefly before passing it on to Dino.


Dino also casually gave it away to Jeonghan, who didn’t like the idea at all…


… so he passed it on to Seungkwan, who got even more terrified than he did.


By now, some time has passed on the balloon bomb and it was bound to blow up any second. Seungkwan, knowing so, took the explosive as far away from the group as possible and sacrificed Woozi while he was isolated for his mini-dance-break.


And of course, Woozi being the big introverted softie he is, wasn’t about to screw anyone over. He wasn’t too fond of having the balloon popping in his hands, but he wasn’t about to risk a teammate. So Woozi did his best and simply held out the balloon for someone to take…


… and that was Hoshi’s cue. Watching Woozi get flustered, and as his one and only guardian angel, Hoshi stepped in to the rescue. He flew in with both hands out, snatched the balloon from Woozi’s hands, took center, and carried on!


The balloon eventually popped in Hoshi’s hands. Woozi looked relieved that it didn’t explode on him. Hoshi, on the other hand, looked like he could care less. He was just proud he saved Woozi from the despair!


And Carats — who watched Hoshi’s brave “No-Balloon-Is-Popping-In-My-Woozi’s-Face” moment unfold — can’t help but UwU hard at this brotherhood!


Watch the clip here: