[★VIDEO] SEVENTEEN take on Busan in their newest video to celebrate 2 million views on “Adore U”

After reaching 2 million views on their debut music video “Adore U,” SEVENTEEN revealed a teaser of their trip to Busan and the full video has finally been released.The video opens early in the morning with the 13 members outside of Pledis Entertainment overflowing with energy for their day trip. With Wonwoo excitedly flapping his imaginary seagull wings and Seungkwan‘s early morning solos, SEVENTEEN kicks off the day in an energetic and excited way.

On the way, the group stops for food at a rest stop where aegyo, satoori, games of rock, paper, scissors, and SEVENTEEN’s mukbang (eating show) break out. The video also features highlights moments from their Busan fan meeting that day before the group heads to the beach.

After filming their special “Part Switch version” for “Adore U,” the group starts an exciting montage for “20” by filming a selfcam and first dropping their maknae, Dino, into the ocean before they run in to join him.

Take a look at the fun and excitement of the 13 members in their newest special video!