SEVENTEEN’s Performance Unit show off their sharp dancing skills to “Mansae”

We’ve seen “Mansae” performed by SEVENTEEN with the whole group but what if just four members took the stage with it?

On January 17th, Pledis Entertainment shared a special video clip of the Performance Unit – Hoshi, Jun, The8, and Dino – performing “Mansae” during their concert in 2015 titled 2015 LIKE SEVENTEEN – Boys Wish held between December 24th through the 26th at Yongsan Art Hall.

For two minutes, the Performance Unit was able to shine on stage by themselves as they showed off their sharp dancing skills to screaming fans along to their hit song “Mansae.”

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN will be holding a special encore concert this February in light of the success of their last event, LIKE SEVENTEEN – Boys Wish Encore Concert, for February 13, 2016.