SEVENTEEN’s Vernon releases “Lizzie Velasquez”

SEVENTEEN’s Vernon is back once again, this time with a new track titled “Lizzie Velasquez.”Rapping over the instrumental of J. Cole‘s “January 28th,” Vernon’s new track speaks of his path to becoming an idol from New York to Korea and the dream that motivated him to work harder.

Lizzie Velasquez is an American motivational speaker who gained attention on an international level when netizens dubbed her the “world’s ugliest woman” because of a condition she’s had since birth. She has since become a strong advocate against bullying and has talked about her experiences with cyber bullying all over the world both as a key note speaker as well as on YouTube.

Vernon titled the track “Lizzie Velasquez” as he speaks out against the things that pushed him down as he pursued his dream to be an idol, addressing both his transition to Korea and life as a hapa (half Asian, half white). This isn’t the first time Vernon has addressed being judged by others as a video of a young Vernon talking about life as a hapa recently surfaced.

Vernon previously performed this track during an episode of SEVENTEEN’s AfreecaTV.