SF9’s Rowoon Is Adamant About Covering Logos Of Brands He’s Not Working With

Rowoon is trying his best to cover up!

SF9’s Rowoon has become pro at hiding the logo of brands he is not affiliated with.

Fans are squealing over how cute he is in trying his best to hide the brand name.


Here is Rowoon acting like he’s cold but actually covering the logo.


You can just envision his cute smile through the mask as he proudly walks through covering the logo.




Let me use my passport to cover the logo.


Oops guess I’ll have to put my air pods in the case with one hand because I have to use my other hand to cover the logo.




I can use my hat to cover it up.







Fans reveal that he has actually caused more noise marketing because of this as fans are curious as to what brand he is wearing.

Although Rowoon is known to widely promote brands he has worked with, he is also a professional when it comes to hiding brands that he is not affiliated with.

Either way, he sure looks cute doing it!


Source: theqoo