Shade releases MV for “Bad” featuring AOA’s Mina

Singer-songwriter Shade recently released the music video for his song “Bad,” with AOA’s Mina taking on the role of the main female character.

The song itself is a face-paced track with a very upbeat tempo which goes along with the dramatic lyrics.

The video for “Bad” begins with the AOA member walking into a home only to find the place in disarray. With used wine glasses on the table and an unfamiliar garment of clothing on the coat hanger, Mina faces the possibility that her significant other has been unfaithful.

As the song itself builds to a climax, Mina discovers sheets in disarray, and begins to thrash in a fit of wild rage. Before leaving the apartment, the singer makes a point to write a message for the adulterer on the mirror of his bathroom with a stick of lipstick and knocks down his guitar.

Fans have praised Mina’s acting in the music video, and also pointed out that the AOA member’s presence in the video also added to the appeal of the song.

Make sure to check out the music video for Shade’s “Bad” below: