Shannon disappointed at having made a mistake while singing national anthem on “Neighbor Charles”

Solo artist Shannon shows nervousness as she sings the national anthem at a basketball game on the recent episode of Neighbor Charles.

On February 17th episdoe of KBS1‘s Neighbor Charles, Shannon visits a basketball game to sing the national anthem. On her way to the match, Shannon was very worried that she might forget the lyrics during the performance. Despite her worries, the rookie singer started off the national anthem with stability in her vocals. Although Shannon had a strong overall performance, she made a mistake of missing a note in the middle of the anthem.

Shannon’s mother, who was present at the game, became tensed with the situation as well. Shannon mentioned her dismal after the performance, “My tone was a little insecure.” Netizens criticized for having a foreigner singing the national anthem in the first place.

In the same episode, miss A‘s Fei reflected on the stereotype she endured during her own debut as a foreigner in Korea, to which Italian-born broadcaster David gave wise advice following Fei’s story.

Meanwhile, on February 16th, Shannon updated her official Facebook page and other SNS accounts with a message saying, “Shannon Williams. Coming Soon.” The update also came with a photo of the artist in a white dress and gold bow head piece.


Source: TV Daily