Shannon reveals music video teaser for “Why Why”

On Febraury 27th, solo artist Shannon dropped the music video teaser for her upcoming comeback track, “Why Why.”

Unlike her debut track, “Daybreak Rain,” her comeback track seems to feature a more cheerful, brighter feel. As depicted in the music video, Shannon and her new track will give listeners the spring feeling of puppy love as she seems to observe her love interest from afar.

Not only does the music video give off a youthful new feeling, the mood of the background track and Shannon’s soft narrating voice and perky chorus teaser contribute to the fresh track’s concept.

The artist previously shared an image teaser to announce her comeback and the newly revealed music video teaser is sure to get fans even more excited for her return to the music scene.

Her mini-album also titled Why Why is set to be released on March 5th.

Check out her video teaser here: