Shin Bora reveals heartbreaking “Mismatch” MV

On April 10th, comedian Shin Bora unveiled the full music video to her comeback track titled “Mismatch” featuring Vasco.

The artist recently dropped a music video teaser to get fans excited for her upcoming release. The full music video follows on the same dark and emotional scenes.

While displaying flashbacks of a sweet relationship, Shin Bora bares her midriff in sexy outfits while showing off her dance moves. Her heavy eye makeup seems to highlight the relationship’s downward spiral.

Her soft vocals match with Vasco’s chilling rap to illustrate the fighting and pain that is pictured in the music video. While she dances with handkerchiefs in front of backup dancers, her heartbroken self sits alone in a cold jail cell. Ripping out pieces of paper from an old diary, she soon sets them on fire dramatically.

While all this happens as if on a television screen, the ending note is cathartic and intense between the couple.

Check out her comeback track here: