SHINee composer makes his own debut ft. Phantom’s Sanchez

On May 17th, accomplished SHINee composer has stepped out from behind the scenes into the studio as he makes his grand debut.

Going by the name Noday, the artist released a music video teaser for his debut track titled “Wait Up.” The song features the captivating vocals of Phantom’s Sanchez paired with a funky and retro beat. The brief teaser features a mysterious woman on the road first in a car then walking through a tunnel. It ends with a contrasting setting of the female lead shown at home resting on a beige sofa.

Noday has composed for a handful of tracks for the likes of SHINee, BEAST, and GOT7 just to name a few. His refreshing style is reminiscent of international artists such as Snakehips and followers are excited to what twists he will bring to the music scene.

Check out his teaser and relive some of his compositions below:

Source: Dispatch