SHINee, f(x), EXO and Red Velvet appear in new Baskin Robbins CFs

SHINee, f(x), EXO, and Red Velvet are out enjoying the summer as they have a blast in their water park themed Baskin Robbins CFs.

In both 20-second CFs, the groups are seen enjoying a variety of Baskin Robbins treats, ranging from delectable ice cream cakes and shaved ice platters to refreshing fruity smoothies and iced coffees. This isn’t the first Baskin Robbins CF for any group, as they have all participated in previous ones before.

Recently, a screenshot of SHINee’s Jonghyun accidentally following a fan on his SNS account has been going viral. f(x)’s Amber has recently announced the launch of her new collab YouTube channel with Scott Kim called “What the Pineapple.” Luxury brand MCM has unveiled EXO’s first collection, naming it “EXO Line.”  Previously, Red Velvet’s Joy was praised for her charming smile and her overall youthful appearance.

Check out their CFs below!