SHINee’s Jonghyun speaks out against Korea’s educational reforms and low birth rate

SHINee’s Jonghyun receives positive remarks for his bold statements addressing his political views on the Korea’s education policy. 

In one of his recent updates on Twitter today, Jonghyun responded to the educational reforms set by Park Geun Hye, the President of South Korea. Reacting to the news, the singer caught the attention of his fans as he expressed that, “I am not saying that I won’t have children, but having children in Korea is a scary thought.” He boldly states his thoughts on the reform and revealed that by lowering the start of school age for children for to address the issue on low birth rate in the country as it was discovered that one of the causes of low birth rate was late employment of young people. The reforms also included plans to release only government-approved textbooks in the education system.

The plans of the government has caused uproar from its citizens correlating with Jonghyun’s statement that children’s growth and development will be one-sided with government policies set by the educational reforms.

Source: Dispatch