Shinhwa returns with “Sniper” MV + 12th album “We”

On February 26th, legendary K-pop group Shinhwa made their long-awaited return with the release of their 12th album, We, and music video for the album’s title track, “Sniper.”

Earlier this month, Shinhwa teased fans about their impending comeback with the pre-release of “Memory,” a ballad track that is included on their latest album. In addition, Shinhwa also released a teaser video for the music video for “Sniper” and concept images for their album.

Shinhwa’s 12th album, We, features a total of ten tracks. The title track, “Sniper,” is a dance pop track which characterizes their unique style and charisma. Other tracks on the album include “Alright,” “Cat,” “Give It 2 Me,” “I’m in Love,” and “Never Give Up,” among others. The music video for “Sniper” shows off a little of the choreography of the song as well as the concept. As the music video progresses, each member appears with a different masked woman, portraying the lyrics and story of the track.

Recently the members of Shinhwa have made various appearances on entertainment and variety shows to promote the album. Member Andy apologized for his past gambling controversy and his broadcast ban was recently lifted by MBC. The members talked about why they chose the choreography for “Sniper” that they did and Eric discussed his plans for marriage in the future. The members of Shinhwa will be appearing on the next episode of the Sunday night SBS variety show, “Running Man,” with many of the ZE:A members as well.

Check out the music video for Shinhwa’s “Sniper” below! You can purchase the album on iTunes as well!

Source: CJENMMUSIC Official YouTube and Bugs