Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan releases video teaser for “He_Sunshine”

Shinhwa’s crisp vocalist Kim Dong Wan has released a short video teaser for his upcoming solo single, “He_Sunshine”!

Through 1theK’s official YouTube channel on November 14th, Kim Dong Wan of legendary South Korean idol group Shinhwa released a 50-second video teaser for his new solo single “He_Sunshine.”

Though the teaser lasts less than one minute, many different clips of the artist bungee-jumping, snowboarding, and enjoying time with staff and acquaintances above a snowy mountain terrain are delivered to the viewers.

A short audio preview of the single is also revealed in the teaser; the lyrics being happily sung to a rather fast-paced tempo by Kim Dong Wan’s clear, crisp voice, “Approaching like the wind, the bright sunlight is dearly missed.

Not only will “He_Sunlight” be released on November 21st at 12:00am KST, but a follow-up single titled “He_Starlight” will also be released in December.