[★VIDEO] SISTAR also falls victim to slippery stage conditions at “Dream Concert”

SISTAR falls victim to yet another slippery stage performance as they showcased a special number at the 2015 Hallyu Dream Festival

On September 20th, SISTAR was one of the invited acts to perform their best hits at the festival held in Gyeongju Civic Stadium, Seoul South Korea. However, just a minute into their performance for their latest track “Shake It,” Soyu was filmed slipping mid-performance while being helped by the other members.

Throughout their performance, Soyu was seen slipping numerous times with fellow member Hyorin also suffering the same ordeal. All four members were able to complete the performance while Soyu and Hyorin had to be assisted safely off the stage due to its condition.

Apologizing to fans for the unexpected delay, Soyu emerged minutes later having changed into new shoes as SISTAR continued their performance for “I Swear” on another part of the stage.

Meanwhile, the incident was widely discussed as the video for their performance circulated online as SISTAR was left to perform live on such dangerous stage conditions, especially following G-Friend‘s viral “Me Gustas Tu” performance. However, it was clarified that the cause of their slip was possibly due to leftover water and firecracker debris from the previous performance and their high footwear. The staff was spotted cleaning up the main stage in between performances.

Check out the full incident below.


Source: Dispatch