[★VIDEO] SISTAR’s Bora is a feisty minimalist on the December issue of “High Cut”

SISTAR’s Bora looks sexy and festive in red lipstick and sparkling eye make-up as she promotes Mac Cosmetics  for the December issue of High Cut.

On December 5th, High Cut released their recent pictorial with Bora as they enhance the concept provided by Mac Cosmetics. On the two photos exclusively released by the magazine, the singer was seen sporting a bright red berry lipstick, while keeping the rest of the make-up flawlessly minimal.

On the second photo release, she was seen highlighting her fit form as she was styled by a sleeveless, chic top, with the shoot focusing on her sparkling berry eye make-up.

High Cut also released an exclusive clip from their recent shoot with Bora wearing Mac Cosmetics. The full pictorial will be released on the digital issue of the magazine this month.

Source: High Cut Korea