[★TRENDING] SISTAR’s “Shake It” dance cover video by female group goes VIRAL

A large group of girls got together at their school’s gym, dancing a short cover of SISTAR‘s “Shake It” that went viral shortly after getting published.

Originally uploaded on Moncast and later shared on the Facebook page 여자들의 동영상 (Women’s Video) on June 28th at 4pm KST, a group of 20 girls dressed identically in a navy blue skirt and white short sleeved top completed with a summer hat got together at an indoor basketball court.

Dancing to half of the song, these young women amazingly kept in-sync with one another as they perfectly executed the choreography’s moves.

The dance cover has received an explosive reaction with over 350,000 views in eight hours, and as of June 30th at 4am KST has reached 873,000 views.

Netizens commented, “I have a feeling it will become a national dance like ‘Tell Me’ and ‘Gangnam Style,'” “So pretty ㅠㅠ”, “This video is so good,” “This group dance is awesome,” and “I really like ‘Shake It.'”

“Shake It” has received an overwhelming response from fans, gaining several perfect all-kills just recently.

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