SISTAR’s Soyou sings “Diamond” for “Snow Queen 2” OST MV

SISTAR’s Soyou has released the official music video and OST track “Diamond” for the upcoming Christmas animated film The Snow Queen 2: Troll’s Magic Mirror.

Holding soft and delicate, but angelic vocals, Soyou tells listeners and viewers that she’s “never giving up on you” in the trendy track. The music video not only includes scenes of a beautiful and innocent looking Soyou with soft and long tresses, glowing as she sings.

Scenes of the upcoming animated film is also shared with viewers, teasing them on what’s to come in the 2014 winter blockbuster film.

The Snow Queen 2: Troll’s Magic Mirror will be released on December 25th in theaters, and is a story of a troll named Ollum who is tricked by the Snow King to kidnap the princess following the Snow Queen’s defeat. Ollum and his band of troll knights then go on a quest to save the princess from the evil Snow King.