“SIXTEEN” drops intense teaser for the trainee competition’s final stage

Sixteen female trainees, seven spots, who will finally debut as part of JYP Entertainment‘s new girl group Twice?

The preview to the 10th episode of the intense trainee competition SIXTEEN was finally published, revealing that the girls who have remained in the competition thus far will be taking on their final stage together before the members of Twice is finalized, making this their last chance.

Members who are unable to debut this time around will have to wait another two years for another chance to debut under JYP Entertainment.

Some of the highlighted trainees were quoted saying that debuting is the only thing on their mind: “Debuting is my only goal and dream” (Daehyun; Minor), “I don’t want to even imagine about the next chance of debuting.” (Chaeyoung; Major).

J.Y. Park further reveals that this time, both Major and Minor teams will be performing the same track, something not done before on the show.

Episode 10 will air on July 7th at 11pm KST via Mnet.