SKULL&HAHA reinterprets “Up&Down” with an audience-moving reggae version on “Sugarman”

On the latest episode of Sugarman, SKULL&HAHA (Yoo Hee Yeol Team) and Girl’s Day‘s Minah (Yoo Jae Suk Team) went head-to-head as they performed reinterpreted forms of past popular tracks.

Aired on April 5th, duo reggae team SKULL&HAHA reinterpreted Diva‘s “Up&Down” (2000) into a more modern version, adding their own style of reggae with an uptempo beat.

On the other hand, Minah took the stage with a reinterpretation of To-ya‘s “Look” (2001) with Verbal Jint, giving it an R&B feel.

Check out SKULL&HAHA’s performance below!

Diva’s performance of “Up&Down”:

SKULL&HAHA’s “2016 Up&Down”:

Source: Busan Ilbo