SKULL&HAHA serenade a “Beautiful Girl” with 10cm’s Kwon Jung Yeol in new MV

Working with 10cm’s Kwon Jung Yeol, the duo of SKULL&HAHA released a catchy Korean cover of Jamaican-American singer Sean Kingston‘s hit song “Beautiful Girls”.

Utilizing the catchy beat of the song, the singers appeared to have a lot of fun as they recorded the song. Taking a rather lighter and noticeably less reggae-like tone than the original song, the Korean cover focused more on the unique voices of the three singers to create a fun and distinctly different approach to the song.

Throughout the music video, the three singers showed their sense of humor and team chemistry by both making funny poses and dances individually as well as with each other.

Despite taking a different approach to the song, SKULL&HAHA’s “Beautiful Girl” is extremely catchy and definitely worth a listen. Make sure to check out the hilarious music video for SKULL&HAHA’s cover of Sean Kingston’s hit song “Beautiful Girls” below!