Sleeping “Infinite Challenge” members fall victim to Haha’s pranks

Infinite Challenge members falls victims to Haha pranks as he released photos of them sleeping. 

On June 9th, Haha commemorated their upcoming 10th anniversary special as he posted photos of the members sleeping during their filming. He first featured a sleeping Park Myungsoo on his personal Instagram account along with a caption saying, “Faint1” and was soon followed by his second victim, Jung Hyungdon, tagging it as, “Faint 2. Older Brother. I Love You.” 

As the two members, fans cannot help but notice Haha cheekily posing in the sidelines as his members maintain their deep slumber.

On the last broadcast, Infinite Challenge continued their journey in Bangkok, Thailand as part of their segment, “Extreme Part-Time Jobs.”

A post shared by ha dong hoon (@quanhaha79) on

A post shared by ha dong hoon (@quanhaha79) on

Source: Dispatch