[★VIDEO] SM Artist/Producer Hitchhiker remixes his debut song “11”

SM Entertainment‘s Hitchhiker has just released a remixed version of his song “11.” 

The rather eccentric artist grabbed SM fans attention with his non-conventional debut song “11” in four months ago.

Sticking to the uniqueness of the first song with the “ABABA” sound, Hitchhiker has landed a name for himself as an musician who isn’t afraid to take risks.

True to his nature as a very creative producer, the remixed version of “11” follows the same format as the original version of the song by having colorful robots dancing to the “ABABA” beat.

Recently, Hitchhiker was announced as a part of the line up for SXSW which will be hosted by KOCCA for the third consecutive year, the event will take place on March 19th at Elysium in Austin, Texas.

Check out the funny remixed version below!