SM Rookies’ team “SR15B” showcases jaw-dropping, in-sync choreography in “Sr15B_BASSBOT”

With edgy choreography, upbeat music, and sleek black clothing, the highly anticipating pre-debut team SR15B from SM Rookies showcased their passion for dancing as they revealed the dance video “SR15B_BASSBOT.”

Released on March 7th and with the choreography from S**tkingz, SR15B’s Johnny, Hansol, Taeyong, Yuta, Jaehyun and Ten danced to the dubstep track as they were first seen showing their moves inside of a building before suddenly transporting the viewers atop of a building.

SR15B also released the dance video titled “Super Moon,” featuring Hansol, Taeyong, and Johnny in August 2014. The video reveals the trio dancing to another dubstep track while they were dancing in a room with a neutral and dark gray background.

SM Rookies consist of trainees from SM Entertainment who are currently training to debut. The group has been introduced to the public prior to their official debut in order to build a relationship with fans.