SM STATION releases Hitchhiker’s “$10” MV

SM STATION releases unique music for Hitchhiker‘s newest single, $10.

SM Entertainment‘s SM STATION has been consistently releasing tracks one after the other since February, and they’re back at it again! This time, their newest release is from Hitchhiker with their track “$10.”

Hitchhiker is the producer behind some of SM artists’ hit songs, including SHINee‘s “Hitchhiking,” BoA‘s “Game,” and EXO‘s “My Lady.”

True to his style, and in similar fashion to his last release “ELEVEN”, the music video for his newest single is unique to say the least. As with his previous music video, this video features Hitchhiker’s signature character, a silver astronaut along with other animated characters dancing in various settings. The song itself features drumming sounds as well as repeating lyrics saying “10 dollar” and “5 dollar” set in an addictive bass track.

Check out the music video below!