SM, YG, and JYP Entertainment’s overlapping comeback schedules are a mess

Korea’s big three agencies SM, YG, and JYP Entertainment are no doubt at their busiest this year as they dish out artists after artists in terms of comebacks. 

On May 30th, a netizen posted a thread on Nate Pann titled “Big agencies’ plans are a mess this year,” and writes, “SM, JYP, YG, why are you doing this…?”

The post continues to outline the following:

SM Entertainment:
– Red Velvet debut, “Ice Cream Cake,” and won #1 the first week, but couldn’t win anymore because of EXO’s overlapping promotions
– Overlapping EXO, BoA, SHINee
– In addition, EXO’s re-comeback before SHINee can win triple crown
– Then, Girls’ Generation’s comeback soon (Right now a bunch of evidence are being updated)
– Too much overlaps with solos

The poster writes, “Normally, the singers should take as much time to fine tune their comeback (For example f(x) – Rum Pum Pum Pum) 이제 솔로까지 하느라고 겹치기가 더더욱 많아짐.”

JYP Entertainment:
– Taking over a year to comeback after a long time
– miss A unable to win #1 on music shows because they overlapped promotions with EXO
– J.Y. Park, the CEO himself, overshadowed miss A’s comeback
– Recently, they launched ‘SIXTEEN’. I heard it’s no joke. Two people’s bad nature was already revealed (M.Y, D.H)
– Tsu Yu (SIXTEEN trainee) is gaining massive popularity through Facebook

YG Entertainment:
– iKON was scheduled to debut in January and it was postponed
– Nothing in the first quarter of the year
– Jinusean’s first comeback in a decade overlaps with BIGBANG’s first comeback in three years.
– No new news concerning iKON and Pink Punk’s (new girl group) debut
– Even though iKON is in the lead to debut, trainee Kim Ji Soo was signed to make a cameo on the drama Producer

They continued to outline that as a rookie, having just debuted last year, WINNER will be on hiatus for at least over a year due to BIGBANG’s comeback schedule – releasing new singles every month between May and September.

The poster writes, “They need to debut in the first half of a year to get even a rookie award but May~Sept are all Big Bang? WINNER won #1 with their debut but Pink Punk and IKON are going to have an in house fight and WINNER is absent for 1 year as a rookie…….While Red Velvet from their neighboring company made a come back in April winning 1st place and solidifying their foundations. Here they send Mino on SMTM and have Nam Taehyun and Seung Yoon act and no words about their album. What are Jinwoo and Seung Hoon doing…?

YG’s waiting line is:
Debut – Pink Punk iKON
Comeback – Lee Hi, AKMU, PSY, BIGBANG, Jinusean, WINNER

Especially WINNER, IKON and Big Bang turned in their holidays to work on their songs. IKON has over 20 songs right now, but they aren’t debuting.”

Others who came by the thread commented:

[+143, -1] Personally, YG is the biggest idiot. When will they stop clinging to BIGBANG…They should start thinking who they should lean on next because BIGBANG will enlist soon;;

[+124, -2] What are they going to do when BIGBANG is gone ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  BIGBANG was overseas promoting for half a year while the rookies were here and BIGBANG returns when the rookies are hiatus ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ What happens when BIGBANG goes to the army ^^; Take care of your rookies before BIGBANG ㅋ

[+98, -1] Overlapping activities like SM is better.. YG doesn’t release any songs.. It’s been awhile for BIGBANG, but if BIGBANG was going to take months, they should have let other artists promote during the first quarter.. They say they’re always working on music, but where is all the work they say they’ve worked on? It doesn’t make sense that they don’t have any work done.. I think they were just waiting for their turn.. Since BIGBANG is until September, the other singers must be waiting, it’s no wonder why WINNER said they’d go back to being trainees to practice for their debut more.. This is really not right.. It looks like the other singers will promote after September, but debuting after September isn’t the right time because of the year-end awards. Sorry iKON fans, but in September, Lee Hi or AKMU  should promote.. they can at least go on variety shows if they’re not promoting, this is really driving me crazy…

Source: Pann