SM’s BIGGEST Male Idol Group In History To Potentially REUNITE For Comeback?

SM’s biggest male idol group reported to be potentially reuniting for their 20th debut anniversary

Before there were groups such as TVXQ, BIG BANG, EXO, 2PM and other male idol groups, there were many original male idol groups that were the most popular not only in Korea but in other Asian countries. With the easy access to internet, many K-pop groups are now known to fans internationally.

But before the internet was easily accessible by ordinary homes, there was SM Entertainment’s group called H.O.T. They have accomplished many records such as being the first group to fill a whole stadium full of fans at their concert and having over 8 million Chinese fans despite making debut in 1996. But will the group reunite to celebrate their 20th anniversary of debut?

Korean media reports that SM Entertainment and the group H.O.T are currently discussing the possibility of the group coming together once again. Producer Lee Soo Man has met up with all of the members along with other SM Entertainment’s artists. But according to the members, they haven’t discussed any details of them potentially reuniting and it would be difficult due to the fact that all of the members are signed to different agencies.

But the fans are very optimistic regarding the news due to the fact that the members appeared as guests to each other’s concerts in January and member Kangta told their fans that there will be good news soon regarding the 20th anniversary of their debut.

Koreaboo has collected reactions from Netizens who commented on the original article from our Korean source. The below comments are the most popular comments at the time of this article being published.

[ +1075 / -51] I know money is important but I think it is also important to keep the promise with fans. SM has a history as well and I hope the members and Lee Soo Man go in a positive direction with this. I really want to see H.O.T reunite.

[ +633 / -29] ‘High Five of Teenager. The Victory of Teenagers!!’ Haha

[ +439 / -43] I really miss them. I want to see them together again.

[ +446 / -34] I really miss these people

[ +382 / -27] Please just reunite once T_T I don’t even expect an album but just one concert at least

Source: OSEN