Soccer player Oh Bum Seok praised for helping collapsed player on opposing team

Many South Korean netizens have joined in on the praising of Oh Bum Seok, a soccer player who was quick to perform first aid on one of the opposing team’s players who collapsed after a severe head bump.

On May 16th, the 2015 Hyundai Oilbank K-League Classics hosted a game between Suwon Samsung Bluewings vs Jeju United FC.

On this day, approximately two minutes into the first half of the match, Jeju United FC’s Jung Yong Chong (23) and Kang Soo Il (28), both on the same team, ran for the ball which was up in midair and bumped heads. Though Kang Soo Il didn’t seem too affected by the head bump, player Jung Young Chong collapsed on the spot, showing severe symptoms such as dehydration in the mouth and “tongue swallowing.”

However, player Oh Bum Seok of the Samsung Bluewings, who was standing closest to Jung Young Chong, quickly ran to perform first aid on the fallen player. Oh Bum Seok was seen quickly kneeling beside Jung and opening up his airway by using the procedural “head-tilt, chin-lift” CPR technique.

Oh Bum Seok continued to maintain the same position and opening of Jung Yong Chong’s airway and did not leave the player’s side even until after the on-call paramedics arrived on the field to carry out further medical attention.

It was later revealed that Jung Yong Chong did not sustain any serious injuries but did show minor signs of cerebral concussions.

Many South Korean netizens have shown great praise and support for both Oh Bum Seok and Jung Yong Chong.

Many netizens even left comments for Oh Bum Seok saying, “Player Oh Bum Seok really showed great sportsmanship by helping out an opposing player… very nice,” “Oh Bum Seok’s act of kindness really reminded us that even though they are competitive towards one another, they are all fellow humans and soccer lovers,” and “It’s a good thing that Oh Bum Seok knew how to perform proper first aid and what luck that he was the one standing closest to him… I think all athletes should be trained in performing CPR and first aid.

Check out the video clip below.

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Source: Insight