Son Ho Jun confirmed for SBS “Laws of the Jungle” in Palau alongside Baro!

Rising star Son Ho Jun has been confirmed for the new upcoming season of SBS Laws of the Jungle set to film in Palau alongside his tvN Reply 1994 co-star, B1A4‘s Baro!

On November 4th, according to a Herald Pop representative, actor Son Ho Jun has been added to the list of members for the new team of Laws of the Jungle which will be filmed in the wilderness of Palau.

The Reply 1994 and tvN Youth Over Flowers star met his fellow co-star, Baro, during the filming of both shows where their relationship as actors blossomed into more than just a friendship, but rather a brotherhood. Son Ho Jun and Baro have made television appearances together countless times where they displayed their close relationship, gaining the love and attention from many viewers.

With B1A4’s Baro having been confirmed for the show, many fans and netizens is looking forward to this new season of Laws of the Jungle with excitement to see just how well the two will interact and help each other during the hardships that may sprout amid the jungles of Palau.

Other stars who have been confirmed to appear alongside Son Ho Jun and Baro are Rose Motel‘s Yook Joong WanSam Otswiri, and Sam Hammington.

Source: Herald Pop