Son Tae Young shares her beautiful baby bump in “Marie Claire” photoshoot

Son Tae Young, who recently became a mother of two, revealed the photoshoot of her last month of pregnancy with fashion magazine, Marie Claire.

Although the actress was on hiatus since her last Chinese film  Love War (情战) and K-drama Into the Flames, she is back as a mother for a photoshoot with Marie Claire.

Despite her pregnancy, her flawless figure added to the elegance and glamor of a mother and an actress. The tube top long dress accentuates her D-line silhouette and the black brown top with a see-through dress is perfectly executed.

Meanwhile, her husband and actor, Kwon Sang Woo announced their newborn daughter’s news on January 10th. Kwon Sang Woo notified his fans on Weibo with two photos of him holding his daughter Kwon Rhee Ho‘s small hand. His caption noted, “My beloved daughter Ree Ho, I’m so delighted to see you. So thankful for your healthy birth.”

Take a further look into Son Tae Young’s beautiful pregnancy pictorial in Marie Claire‘s February edition.

Source: Sports Seoul