SONAMOO is dreamy in new debut trailer

TS Entertainment‘s newest girl group, SONAMOO, has finally released their very first video teaser for their upcoming debut!As many fans have been anticipating the debut of TS Entertainment’s newest girl group, SONAMOO, an official video teaser of their debut track has finally been revealed on the agency’s Youtube channel on December 18th with the title, “debut trailer”.

The 1 minute and 35 second video starts off with an ethereal visual of a bright green forest filled with pine trees, which is what the word sonamoo means in Korean. The video continues as the members of SONAMOO begin showcasing their sweet and elegant vocals and their irresistible beauty.

Although the title for their debut track has not yet been revealed, many fans and media have been speculating that “Green Moon” will be the title as it has been hinted upon through a recent update by TS Entertainment.

SONAMOO will be debuting on December 29th.

Check out the debut trailer below!