SONAMOO opens up official group Instagram account ahead of summer comeback

Girl group SONAMOO has opened their own official group Instagram account with two posts already published, coinciding with the group’s first two released teasers.

Revealed via their official Facebook Page on July 8th, the post reads, “Hello, this is TS Entertainment. We’re very happy to inform you that we’re opening SONAMOO’s official Instagram which will lead the girls to you more closely. @SONAMOO_Insta will show more behind-the-scenes of the members. So, please keep an eye on @SONAMOO_Insta to find more charms of these lovely 7 girls. And don’t miss SONAMOO’s 2nd mini album ‘CUSHION’ coming soon!”

Having previously released solo concept photos for leader Sumin and sub-vocalist Nahyun just prior to that, the two members shared adorable video collages on the Instagram.

Look out for SONAMOO’s 2nd mini-album release CUSHION coming soon!