SONAMOO reveals behind story video for “Deja Vu” debut

On February 12th, TS Entertainment shared a video showcasing various behind the scenes clips featuring SONAMOO as they went through their debut stages.

The video opens with a scene familiar to fans as the girl group headed to their first live music show performance in early January. The video shows the girls getting ready for their performance, then cuts to the girls as they return to the dressing room. Still in their stage outfits and make up, they diligently review their performance.

As they rotate through outfits to represent their different stages, SONAMOO cheerfully thanks the crew members. During one cut, D.ana breaks into tears and Sumin and Euijin rush to comfort her. Dressed in elegant white outfits, the members get together to leave a special video message.

The special behind story continues in this fashion, getting clips of the members in between performances. As they show off their cool stage outfits and concepts, the never fail to leave sweet messages to all their fans and supporters behind the camera.

Check out their video here: